Welcome to Tiny Sprouts Ultrasound!

See your unborn baby with a 3D/4D Ultrasound, now in HIGH DEFINITION!

Tiny Sprouts Ultrasound offers expectant parents a view of a lifetime: Seeing your unborn baby in live 3D Ultrasound and 4D Motion. Our ultrasound studio offers you a comfortable atmosphere to bring your loved ones to share as you witness first stretches, yawns and smiles on a large flat screen TV. We use the same, safe ultrasound machines and techniques as your doctor’s office, and our highly trained technicians can even determine your baby’s gender as early as 15 weeks!

A 3D/4D ultrasound provides you a powerful connection between you and your child. At Tiny Sprouts Ultrasound, it’s all about you, your family, and your first incredible experience with your unborn child.

Compare the differences in Ultrasound Technology!

2D ultrasound is the standard black and white ultrasound image you will typically receive at your doctor’s appointment. 3D ultrasound images show much more detail of the baby’s facial features. 4D ultrasound shows the movement in the womb of your baby. HD Ultrasound is even greater detail of your baby.

Share Your 4D Ultrasound with Friends and Family LIVE and On-Demand!

Share your experience with friends and family out of town with our Sonostream Live 4D ultrasound streaming technology. Is Dad away on business or deployed? He can still be a part of the experience on his laptop, tablet or mobile device. Give dad, family members, and friends alike the opportunity to see your little one and hear your experience with us using Sonostream Live or On-Demand.